Gauthier Ghilain, Freediving National Record holder, SSI and PADI Freediving Master Instructor, founder of Freedive Costa Rica and co-founder of Freedive Dubrovnik.


Former competitive swimmer in Belgium, worldwide itinerant scuba instructor, he discovered Freediving in 2008 and fell in love immediately with what he considers being "the most natural, intimate, and pure form of communion with the underwater world". After a few years learning freediving while teaching scuba, he naturally decided to drop the tank to devote himself entirely to his passion. He opened the first Freediving school in Costa Rica and got involved in International Competitive Freediving. In 2016, he met Srdjan and a few months later Freedive Dubrovnik was born. He found in Dubrovnik the perfect spot to transmit his passion to others, to help them evolve within this amazing sport and also to keep it up with his own training.


Gauthier is now a 80+ meters freediver, holds the current Belgian National Record in Constant Weight no Fins (54m).


Srdjan Martinovic, the co-founder and assistant instructor of Freedive Dubrovnik has been a freediving enthusiast for most of his life, and is qualified in the AIDA, PADI & SSI freediving education systems. Having trained and dived with some of the world’ s top freedivers and instructors around the world, he is extremely happy to bring freediving to Dubrovnik.

Srdjan loves the freedom and the peace that freediving provides as well as the ability to interact with marine life in the most natural way possible. He has a great passion for the ocean which he shares with others through my teaching and also underwater photography. Freediving provides him with an opportunity to experience the life below the surface, and also satisfies his love for training and self-improvement, both physically and mentally.

FREEDIVE DUBROVNIK is the first and only Freediving School in Dubrovnik, Croatia!


Freediving is not only the most natural way to explore the underwater world but it's also a practice of self-awareness, self-control and going beyond oneself. We have created this school to share our expertise and passion for this fascinating activity with you!


With our priority on high quality and fun, we want to offer you an unforgettable underwater adventure in a safe and trustworthy environment. Our experienced instructors teach all Freediving courses from beginner to expert levels with a high degree of professionalism and commitment. We will provide you with a relaxed atmosphere to learn and train and we will take you to our favorite dive sites!


FREEDIVE DUBROVNIK is based in Dubrovnik, the "Pearl of the Adriatic", World Heritage site and the most famous croatian city. Its high white walls and bastions standing proud above a clear blue sea gives the city a fairytale appearance you'll never forget. Warm Mediterranean climate, cultural abundance, natural beauty of the region and wonderfully blue and clear waters are only a few of the points that make Dubrovnik an appealing destination!


Take a Deep Breath and Let the Adventure Begin!


Freedive Dubrovnik - The First Freediving School in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Legal Address: Petra Svačića 3Dubrovnik, Croatia

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